F.F. Bosworth

Research and Commentary on the Author of Christ the Healer


Evangelist F.F. Bosworth
(1877 - 1958)

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Research on F.F. Bosworth

Fred Francis Bosworth (1877-1958), the author of Christ the Healer, was an important leader in the Pentecostal movement in the United States. He played a significant role in the movement during the early 1900s. He also was a key figure in the Divine Healing movement during the 1940s and 1950s. In addition to becoming a famous healing evangelist, he was a prolific author and radio pioneer. He planted churches and held city-wide evangelistic crusades throughout the United States and other countries. His influence on many church groups, especially those in the Pentecostal and Charismatic tradition, remains strong.

Over the years a number of popular writings have been published about Bosworth and his healing ministry. However, only a few sources have provided critical research on his life and his teachings. This section presents detailed critical research on Bosworth’s entire life history.

Note: For more information on F.F. Bosworth, please visit ffbosworth.strikingly.com

Death Certificates

B.B. Bosworth's Death Certificate: Unexpected news related to his passing. See here.

F.F. Bosworth's Death Certificate: Surprising news about his medical condition. See here.


“F.F. Bosworth: An Analysis of His Ministry Development Using Social Cognitive Career Theory,” Verbum et Ecclesia; Vol 32, No 1 (April 2011). See article here.

”F.F. Bosworth in South Africa: A Historical Analysis of His Later Ministry and Healing Methodology,” Africa Journal of Pentecostal Studies (December 2007), 76-91. See article here.

“F.F. Bosworth and the Role of Women in His Life and Ministry,” The Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association (Vol. XXVII, No. 1, 2007), 25-38. See article here.

“Persecuted for Christ: A Defining Moment in the Life of F.F. Bosworth,” Refleks: Med Karismatisk Kristendom I Fokus (5-1-2006), 89-97. See article here.

“F.F. Bosworth: A Profile in Divine Healing Ministry,” Refleks: Med Karismatisk Kristendom I Fokus (4-2-2006), 71-82. See article here.



F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind "Christ the Healer." Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. Available here. Receive 25% discount! Use the discount code: bosworth25.

"This book is about the life and ministry of Bosworth (1877-1958), a Pentecostal pioneer, musician, famous healing evangelist, and the author of Christ the Healer. He reportedly led over a million people to Christ and was considered by scholars and ministers alike to be one of the most successful healing evangelists of his era.

"His writings on divine healing influenced many church leaders of his day, as well many who claim healing ministries today. While many people are familiar with his book, Christ the Healer, few know much about the man behind the book.

"F.F. Bosworth is the first book to offer a critical analysis of Bosworth's life and ministry from the beginning to the end. The purpose of this work is to explore his life and ministry in order to identify and analyze some of the factors that contributed to his success as a famous healing evangelist."


F.F. Bosworth: A Historical Analysis of the Influential Factors in His Life and Ministry
Available here. University of Pretoria, South Africa, 2010

Conference Presentation

“Experience as a Catalyst for Healing Ministry: Historical Evidence and Implications From the Life of F.F. Bosworth.” Presented at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Pentecostal Studies in Cleveland, Tenn. Published in SPS Conference Proceedings. March 2007. Available here.

"A Response" by Kimberly Ervin Alexander, Ph.D., presented at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Society for Pentecostal Studies in Cleveland, Tenn. Available here. Dr. Alexander is ​Associate Professor of the History of Christianity at Regent University. She is the author of Pentecostal Healing: Models of Theology and Practice (Blandford Forum, Dorset: Deo, 2006). Visit her faculty page here.

Blog Posts/Notes on F.F. Bosworth

Bosworth’s ‘Christ the Healer’ found in Maya Angelou’s personal library. See here.

F.F. Bosworth featured in Dean Merrill’s book, ‘50 Pentecostal and Charismatic Leaders Every Christian Should Know’. See here.

How F.F. Bosworth Prayed Before Each of His Salvation-Healing Campaigns: His handwritten prayers were found inside the pages of his Bible following his death in 1958. See here.

Bosworth and Seymour as You’ve Never Seen Them: Full color portraits painted by Robert Pears. See here.

T.L. Osborn's Farewell to His Mentor, F.F. Bosworth: Tribute published in March 1958 issue of 'Full Gospel Men’s Voice' magazine. See here.

F.F. Bosworth’s House Recently Up for Sale: Building was once the site of fervent spiritual activity. See here.

My review of Christopher J. Richmann’s book, 'Living in Bible Times: F.F. Bosworth and the Pentecostal Pursuit of the Supernatural.' See here.

More on Alliance Leaders' Initial Criticism of Bosworth's Healing Ministry: Additional thoughts by Dr. Paul L. King. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and the Role He Played in the Ministry of T.L. Osborn: An Interview with Dr. LaDonna Osborn. See here.

ON THIS DAY (November 21): Jack Moore Dies in Shreveport: He played a pivotal role in the early ministry of William Branham. See here.

Fake News in the Early Days of the Voice of Healing. See here.

Pneuma Review: My Interview with Dr. LaDonna Osborn: She talks about her father, T.L. Osborn, and his relationship with F.F. Bosworth. See here.

On This Day (October 18): F.F. Bosworth Receives Baptism in the Holy Spirit. See here.

14 Online Resources on F.F. Bosworth. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Featured in 'Champions of Faith' Video Series: Story of his life is presented by Ben Conway. See here.

Dr. Edith Prakash Tells the Story of T.L. Osborn in Her Book, ‘Yesterday, Today and Forever’ (2019)Her book is the first full biography of the famous healing evangelist. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Marius Nel’s book, ‘The Prosperity Gospel in Africa’ (2020). See here.

Dr. Christopher J. Richmann Publishes New Book on F.F. Bosworth: His research presents a significant contribution to pentecostalism and church history. See here.

Two Bosworth-Related Articles Listed in 'Pneuma Review' Roundup. See here.

Dr. J. Gordon Melton's 'Resource Guide for the Study of Pentecostalism in Texas.' An essential tool for scholars, historians, and students of the Pentecostal movement in the Lone Star State. See here.

T.L. Osborn's Memory of F.F. Bosworth: '82 interview reveals influence of E.W. Kenyon. See here.

Did Bosworth Go Too Far?: Paul Rader and other Alliance leaders initially accused him of placing too much emphasis on divine healing. See here.

My Book, F.F. Bosworth: The Man Behind ‘Christ the Healer,’ is cited in ‘Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States.’ See here.

Articles on F.F. Bosworth and Gordon Lindsay Now Published in Brill’s Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism. See here.

F.F. Bosworth's Connection to the Spanish Flu: His first wife, Estelle, was possibly a victim of the deadly virus. See here.

Remembering Dr. Vinson Synan, Historian Extraordinaire of Pentecostal Church History: 'He inspired me to do my doctoral thesis on F.F. Bosworth.' See here.

F.F. Bosworth’s Surprising Connection to 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic': His wife, reportedly, was related to the person who wrote the lyrics for the song. See here.

The Preacher Who Blasted F.F. Bosworth: A Look at Dr. Arno C. Gaebelein and His Criticism of Pentecostals and Healing Evangelists. See here.

Ern Baxter and the Article that Put Him at Odds with Other Healing Revivalists: A review of his blistering critique of the evangelists in the Post-World War II healing revival. See here.

Six Major Turning Points in the Life of F.F. Bosworth: Important factors in his work as a healing evangelist. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and Black Gospel Groups: A Moment in Black History. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and Thoro Harris: A moment in Black History. See here.

'Christ the Healer' Teaching Series. See here.

Bosworth Meme: Billy Graham Comparison. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Recording: A Review of His Message on 'Mass Faith" and His Unchanging Belief in Divine Healing. See here.

Lester Sumrall's Mention of F.F. Bosworth: He recounts a meeting with the revivalist in 1954. See here.

Gordon Lindsay: An Overview of His Life and Ministry (Preprint). See here.

F.F. Bosworth: An Overview of His Life and Ministry (Preprint). See here.

Bosworth Memes for Bosworth Matters: New Promotion Idea for 2020. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Daniel J. Simmons' Thesis, 'They Shall Recover': Paper notes enduring legacy of 'Christ the Healer.' See here.

William Branham died on Christmas Eve in 1965: He wasn't buried until Easter Monday in 1966. See here.

What F.F. Bosworth Wrote About Billy Sunday: He noted 'falling' phenomenon that was common among Pentecostals. See here.

Reinhard Bonnke, Famous Healing Evangelist, has Died: He borrowed his ministry technique from T.L. Osborn, who was inspired by F.F. Bosworth. See here.

F.F. Bosworth's Defense of Divine Healing: A look at his use of the 'Notable Data Argument' (NDA). See here.

ON THIS DAY (November 21): F.F. Bosworth's Early Message on Spirit Baptism. See here.

E.W. Kenyon on the Pages of F.F. Bosworth's Magazine. See here.

What Ern Baxter Really Thought of William Branham: A look at his 1978 interview with New Wine Magazine. See here.

ON THIS DAY (November 2): Mattie E. Perry dies in South Carolina: She was the preacher who prayed for F.F. Bosworth's healing. See here.

More on Billy Graham and The Voice of Healing: A note from Dr. Paul L. King on the evangelist's roots with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). See here.

Billy Graham and The Voice of Healing: Editorial shows his support for post-World War II healing revivalists. See here.

Todd Bentley, F.F. Bosworth, and the Downside of Some Revival Meetings. See here.

ON THIS DAY (October 19): Healing of War Veteran John W. Sproul Featured in Pittsburgh Newspaper: Miracle said to have occurred in revival meetings of the Bosworth Brothers. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Dr. Daniel C. King’s article, ‘Healing En Masse’: The article appears in Spiritus: ORU Journal of Theology. See here.

R.W. Schambach, F.F. Bosworth, and the Reported Closings of Schools for the Deaf. See here.

Missionary Evelyn Holiday and Her Connection to F.F. Bosworth. See here.

ON THIS DAY (August 21): F.F. Bosworth Pens Letter about His Beating: He was brutally assaulted for preaching to a black audience near Hearne, Texas. See here.

ON THIS DAY (August 20): Kenneth E. Hagin is Born. See here.

Dr. J. Gordon Melton, Baylor Professor, is Doing Research on F.F. Bosworth: His investigation has taken him to the First Assembly of God Church in Dallas. See here.

How to Order My Book on Bosworth and Get a 25% Discount: Ignore the outrageous prices on Amazon. See here.

More on Oswald J. Smith and What He Learned from the Bosworth Brothers: What they taught him about citywide campaigns. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in G.J. Hocking’s book, 'The Pentecostal Paradox': The author discusses hard questions about the Pentecostal movement. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and R.A. Torrey on The Lord's Supper: Two Opposing Views. See here.

'These Things No One Can Deny': What Oswald J. Smith said About the Healing Ministry of the Bosworth Brothers. See here.

What Oswald J. Smith Discovered in the Revival Meetings of the Bosworth Brothers. See here.

James Moore Hickson: The 'Miracle Man' Recognized by F.F. Bosworth and David J. du Plessis. See here.

Did Aimee Semple McPherson Draw Bigger Crowds than F.F. Bosworth? See here.

ON THIS DAY (April 1): Gordon Lindsay Dies in Chapel Service. See here.

‘F.F. Bosworth History’ on Twitter: New Account Shares Original Content on the author of ‘Christ the Healer.’ See here.

Was F.F. Bosworth Ever Tarred and Feathered?: A Look at a Statement in Edith L. Blumhofer's book, 'Restoring the Faith'. See here.

Bosworth Blamed Charles Parham: He Criticized Him for His 'Wrong and Unscriptural" Teachings on Speaking in Tongues. See here.

Donald Gee's Unflattering Mention of F.F. Bosworth. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and Gordon Lindsay to be Featured in ‘Brill’s Encyclopedia of Global Pentecostalism’. See here.

Questions about F.F. Bosworth's "Christ the Healer". See here.

Evangelist Jack Coe Jr. has Died: He was the Son of Famous Post-World War II Healing Revivalist Jack Coe Sr. See here.

On This Day (January 23): F.F. Bosworth Dies of Heart Attack: He was at home with his family in Miami, Fla. See here.

On This Day (January 17): F.F. Bosworth is Born. See here.

Prosperity on the Pages of F.F. Bosworth's Magazine: A Look at A.J. Gordon's Message on Giving and 'Abundant Temporal Prosperity.' See here.

My Top 10 Blog Posts on F.F. Bosworth in 2018. See here.

Reading with F.F. Bosworth: A Partial List of His Favorite Books and the People He Cited in His Sermons. See here.

Todd Bentley's Mention of F.F. Bosworth: Inspiring Quote Shared in Facebook Post. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Gerald W. King's Book, Disfellowshiped: Pentecostal Responses to Fundamentalism in the United States, 1906-1943: Oswald J. Smith's Defense of His Healing Ministry is Noted. See here.

On This Day (December 18): William Branham Has Car Crash that Leads to His Death. See here.

Did Charles S. Price Have the Most Direct Influence on the Post-WWII Healing Revivalists? A Review of Claim Made by David E. Harrell Jr. in All Things are Possible. See here.

How The Voice of Healing Got Its Name. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Hugh Jeter's book, By His Stripes. See here.

Fred Francis Bosworth – Man of Music and Worship: How a Childhood Discovery Contributed to His Success as a Musician and Famous Healing Evangelist. See here.

Stella Bosworth Still Going Strong: The Widow of Bob Bosworth is Steadfast and Unrelenting in Outreach Ministry. See here.

Bob Bosworth Singing: A Few of His Songs are Shared on YouTube. See here.

F.F. Bosworth History on Academic Websites: Quick and Easy Ways to Download, Print, and Follow Current Research on the Author of Christ the Healer. See here.

Bob Bosworth’s Promotion of Christ the Healer: How He Used Music and Reading to Share His Father’s Classic on Divine Healing. See here.

The Passing of Eugene Peterson and F.F. Bosworth: A Look at Their Transition and 'Ultimate Triumph.' See here.

Stella Bosworth and the Divine Gift of Language: How the Spirit Enabled Her Mom to Speak Fluent Zulu. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in P.C. Nelson's book, Does Christ Heal Today? (1941). See here.

F.F. Bosworth's Ministry to John G. Lake: How a Simple Question Led to a Spiritual Breakthrough -- and Years of Fruitful Ministry. See here.

12 Mistaken Claims about F.F. Bosworth. See here.

Upcoming post: Similarities in the Prison-Themed Messages of Kenneth W. Hagin and F.F. Bosworth. See here.

Fred Francis Bosworth -- Reporter of Pentecost: He 'Kept the News Flowing.' See here.

F.F. Bosworth is Now on Pinterest: Platform Provides Easy Access to Research and Commentary on His Life History. See here.

What P.C. Nelson Saw in the F.F. Bosworth Revival Meetings: How the Experience Moved Him to Begin His Own Healing Ministry. See here.

F.F. Bosworth mentioned in J.D. King's Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and Kenneth Hagin Jr.: A Look at the Similarities in Their Writings on the Past Tense of God’s Word. See here.

The Writings of Kenneth Hagin Jr. and F.F. Bosworth. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Josh McMullen's Under the Big Top: Big Tent Revivalism and American Culture, 1885-1925: Book Notes His Prolific Output as a Writer. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in Kate Bowler's Blessed: A History of The American Prosperity Gospel (2013): She Highlights His Link to E.W. Kenyon. See here.

F.F. Bosworth’s Endorsement of T.L. Osborn’s Most Famous Book: Letter of Support Appeared in Healing the Sick and Casting Out Devils. See here.

Why Ern Baxter Left the Ministry of William Branham: A Look at Problematic Concerns About Faith and ‘Borderline Psychic” Phenomena. See here.

Did F.F. Bosworth Mentor Oral Roberts? A Short Review of Their Relationship During the Post-WWII Healing Revival. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in T.L. Osborn Biography: Book Recounts Origin of 'Mass Miracle' Concept. See here.

F.F. Bosworth mentioned in "John G. Lake’s Formative Years, 1870-1908: The Making of A Con Man.” See here.

F.F. Bosworth Mentioned in "History of the Word-Faith Movement in America": Paper Written for Graduate Program at Bob Jones University. See here.

New Hashtags for F.F. Bosworth. See here.

“Brother Branham, you’re wrong.” F.F. Bosworth’s Surprising Rebuke of William Branham. See here.

F.F. Bosworth and Diabetes: What His Family Said About His Medical Condition. See here.

When F.F. Bosworth Joined the Branham Party: A Look at His Contributions to The Voice of Healing and the Post-WWII Preachers with Healing Ministries. See here.

Maria Woodworth-Etter, Prophecy, and the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906:
New York Times Story Evokes Memories of Prediction Gone Wrong. See here.

F.F. Bosworth's Advice to A.W. Tozer. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Among Those with ‘Proven Divine Healing Ministry’ in 1950: He’s Listed with 32 Other Evangelists in The Voice of Healing Magazine. See here.

T. L. Osborn's Mention of Billy Graham: Ideas Presented for Success in Ministry. See here.

F.F. Bosworth Vindicated? Moody Magazine Published 'Evidence' for Divine Healing Case. See here.

F.F. Bosworth's Tangle with Moody Magazine. Personal Visit Made to Defend His Name and the Ministry of Divine Healing. See here.

F.F. Bosworth’s Letter to Alpha E. Humbard: What it Suggests About His Business Acumen. See here

"F.F. Bosworth and Billy Graham: How They Both Found Favor in the Pages of the Press." See here.

"William Branham and the Pillar of Fire in Dallas, Texas: New light on famous photograph." See here.

"F.F. Bosworth and the Making of a Healing Evangelist: What Critical Research Reveals about His Ministry Development and the Ministry of Divine Healing." See here.

"Pentecostal Gifts and Their Relation to Natural Talent and Experiences: Some Thoughts and Visual Illustrations from the Life History of F.F. Bosworth." See Introduction here and the paper and figures here.
"Plagiarism or Just Eerily Similar: A Brief Look at the Writings of F.F. Bosworth and Kenneth E. Hagin." Available here.

"The Ministry of F.F. Bosworth: How He Compares to Other Famous Healing Evangelists of His Time." Available here.

"Why F. F. Bosworth and His Family Moved to Fitzgerald, Ga." Available here.

"Chronology Timeline: Fred Francis Bosworth." Available here.

"Other Writings on F.F. Bosworth: A Partial Bibliography." Available here.


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